Darjeeling, India

Darjeeling in early monsoon was beautiful, misty with pleasant weather - not too cold, nor too hot.

Happy Valley Tea State

Long walk to the Happy Valley Tea Estate.

Glenary restaurant Glenary view
Glenary inside

The great ambience, food, and view at Glenary's in Chauk Bazaar.

Ropeway Ropeway view
Ropeway view

Views from the Ropeway which was around 20 minutes on each side.

Mall Market Panorama view

Mall Market and Chauk Bazaar Panorama.

Preparing steam engine Steam engine

Preparing the steam engine before the start of joy ride (toy train).

Diesel toy train
Toy Train at Batasia Loop

Diesel toy train at Darjeeling station and Steam engine train at Batasia Loop where the train takes a 360-degree turn.


Thukpa (Tibetan noodle soup) at Kunga Restaurant.

Tea plantation

Tea plucking at a plantation, on the way to Siliguri from Darjeeling.


Kolkata, India

It’s always special to go back to the city where one has grown up. I had spent around 5 years in Kolkata from 2002-2006, and returned to Kolkata, thanks to this trip, after over 12 years.

Kolkata, is a special city in my heart, mostly because I spent the formative years of my life in this city learning and growing. I spent time visiting all the old places in New Alipore and Behala area where I used to live and went to school, and then roamed around the city to visit a few famous attractions.

First House in New Alipore Gupta Brother restaurant in New Alipore
Second house in New Alipore Kachori Sabzi Dish from Gupta Brothers

My old houses in New Alipore, sweets and snacks at Gupta Brothers and my school in Behala.

Victoria Memorial
St. Paul Cathedral Mocambo Restaurant
Park Street

Victoria Memorial, St. Paul Cathedral, Mocambo Restaurant, and Park Street.

Eco Park
Westin Room Cricket Wax Statues
View of Eco Park

Eco Park, Westin Room, Cricketer wax statues at Mother's Wax Museum and view of EcoPark and New Town Kolkata.